About Monie

I love photography. I especially love photographing people and weddings. I think of weddings as rite of passage. A time when close friends and family come to celebrate. Weddings embrace so many emotions. The day itself starts with a lot of anticipation and awareness that after all the planning it is here. I try to be calm, unobtrusive presence at the wedding.  I focus on staying in the moment. I stay close to the bride but I am open to how this day is experienced by everyone. How does the bride look to the flower girl her mom and her best friend?

 My approach is simple and journalistic. I go with warm, natural, available light as much as I can. I do a lot of preplanning and get to know the couple. I try to understand the family dynamics and sensitivities. I use cannon digital cameras with L series lenses. I received my formal education at Brooks Institute with a B.A. in photographic arts in 1988 and started Monie Photography. I now have a downtime studio in Santa Barbara, specializing in people and weddings.



Monie Photography   2008